To be Saudi Arabia’s preeminent center of thought-leadership on socio-economic development.


Empower decision-makers by providing rigorous socio-economic analysis informed by a diverse knowledge network and supported by regional and global partnerships.

The Center for Strategic Development has Key Responsibilities:

Based on its official articles of association, the Center for Strategic Development is mandated to:

  • Conduct scientific studies and research to address the pressing issues and prepare development plans. 
  • Propose the right policies and processes for strategies addressing the Kingdom’s development issues and mid-term challenges.
  • Propose the Kingdom’s long-term strategies.
  • Plan the development process targeting gross domestic product growth.
  • Transfer socioeconomic knowledge to Saudi professionals, prepare practicing socioeconomic development subject-matter experts and enable government agencies to source them.
  • Collaborate with research and advisory bodies, local, regional and international development centers, and optimize the use of various research, studies, and international cooperation programs.  
  • Develop a cooperation network between government agencies, private sector, universities, technical colleges and research centers across the Kingdom, with a view to get them involved in conducting research and studies, as well as providing expertise and advices.
  • Provide advisory services to the public and private sectors on the entire spectrum of national economic policies.
  • Define the terms, conditions and specifications to be maintained by government agencies when tendering advisory and studies projects within the Center for Strategic Development’s domain and submit them for approval according to the adopted procedures.
  • Support the dissemination of and facilitate national access to development research and information.
  • Review the recommendations forwarded by advisory bodies to government agencies within the Center for Strategic Development’s domain.
  • Coordinate with government agencies to monitor and ensure the implementation of provided studies and advices.
  • Set up – or take part in setting up – corporate bodies involved in such activities as relevant to the Center for Strategic Development’s domain in accordance with regulations. 
  • Develop programs to qualify Saudi specialists on the Center for Strategic Development’s areas of work.