This program studies broader social development and welfare policy issues, including healthcare, gender equality, community spirit and the third sector.
This program includes – but is not limited to – the following research themes:

State-society interaction

Study various roles the civil society could play in the national development process and how the government could further enable and empower the third sector.

National Pride, Cultural Identity and Civic Behavior

Explore different ways to boost the national pride among Saudi nationals and raise their social responsibility towards their community and country to enhance their civic behavior.

Women Empowerment

Explore the economic impact of promoting women empowerment, including participation in economic activities and review of social rights.

Health Systems and Policies

Assess the health system in Kingdom and identify improvement opportunities and re-arrangements towards a more efficient structure.

Housing Policy Issues

Assess the contribution of the housing industry to the economic and social welfare in Kingdom; develop research approaches for improving the housing sector performance and suggest housing strategies.

Pension Reform

Analyze improvement opportunities for the pension system in Kingdom, including scenarios and results under diverse pension system regimes.

Land Use Opportunities

Identify an optimal distribution of land according to human use and needs (industrial, agriculture, housing, etc.)

Rural Development

Identify rural challenges and explore more balanced development opportunities in Kingdom.

Facing Poverty

Explore the approaches and tools to combat poverty and develop poverty-reduction strategies considering key institutional, policy, and political dimensions.