This program analyzes and processes national-level enhancements for overarching government-led reforms and large-scale transformations in priority areas of Saudi Arabia in both regional and global contexts.

This program includes – but is not limited to – the following research themes:

Vision 2030 Realization Roadmap

Review Kingdom’s current economic programs and policy directions, and provide an academically grounded set of robust recommendations for inclusion in the country’s economic plan and critical policies with a view to realize economic targets under the Vision 2030.

Private-Public Sector Gaps and the Civil Service Reform

Explore important gaps between the private and public sectors, including wage/compensation, efficiency, training and others, and propose policies to address or reduce them.

Saudi Arabia on the Global Stage

Explore ways in which the Kingdom can improve its prestige and leadership on the global stage, including its participation and role within international institutions (multilaterals); Propose policies to extend Saudi Arabia's influence in terms of culture, political values and foreign policies.

Global and Regional Economies

Analyze global and regional economies to determine potential risks and opportunities for Saudi Arabia and present policy recommendations.

Regulatory Effectiveness

Review and identify solutions to regulatory policies that may be creating obstacles for rapid development and economic growth in the Kingdom; develop tools to measure their efficiency and impacts.

Strategies for Economic Transformation

Explore case studies of the most successful economic transformations in recent decades and provide analysis and insights on best practices that can be applied to the development of the Kingdom.

Future Challenges and Priorities for Saudi Arabia

Conduct analysis of the most pressing challenges that the country will be facing in the long run.

Leverage the use of foresight and other forward-looking techniques to devise possible scenarios.


Review the privatization policies in Kingdom in light of the potential privatization opportunities and suggest policy improvements to activate privatization and facilitate its role in Kingdom development.

Assess the privatization impact and role especially in boosting government performance and efficiency.

Export Promotion Strategy

Develop an export strategy for Saudi Arabia based on extant studies, identifying white spaces looking at international examples such as the case of Korea.