This program looks into the education, labor, market and human development issues for more effective development of Saudi skills and capacities.
This program includes – but is not limited to – the following research themes:

Saudi Skills Development
Analyze the labor market demand and supply mismatch issue, and develop Saudi skills development plan and policies for Vision 2030 realization.

Future Workforce
Explore the impacts of key trends (i.e. globalization, fourth industrial revolution) on the workforce of the future and the ways in which Saudi labor force development policies and programs can most effectively respond.

National Human Development Plan
Develop and institutionalize a national-level human development system.

Education Reform
Conduct review of the most successful education systems in the world and analyze lessons learned that could be applied to the Kingdom with particular focus on K-12 education.

Attracting Talent
Propose ways to review and setup incentive structures and areas for public and private investment to ensure a quality talent allocation.

Youth Development
Explore the highest impact challenges and opportunities facing Saudi youth today, and identify policy changes that have the potential to positively impact youth development and economic participation.