This program features conducting both macro- and microeconomic as well as financial dynamic analyses to enhance Saudi Arabia’s competitiveness and industrial diversification.
This program includes – but is not limited to – the following research themes:

Fiscal Sustainability
Analyze and propose policies to sustain government spending without compromising its solvency and activities.

Competitiveness Analysis of Key Strategic Industries / Sectors
Identify and analyze critical sectors in the Kingdom and propose measures for their consolidation and improvement.

Relevant sectors include:

Petrochemical Industry, Military Industry (Defense, others...), Machinery Industries (Automotive, Electrical Equipment, other heavy machinery and equipment...), others...

Disruptive Technology Impact on the Economy
Analyze the tech trends that have the biggest potential for economic disruption in the Kingdom, including ways to harness and adapt to these technologies, and developing innovative capacities to support them (AI, internet of things, …)

Economic Zones
Determine international best practices and benchmarking exercises to find opportunities for development of new or improvement of existing economic zones in Kingdom.
Conduct domestic analysis to determine white spaces and conditions necessary for economic zones to be impactful.

Logistics Development Capacity
Research regional and global logistics hubs to determine best practices and necessary capabilities for success in building a revenue-generating global logistics hub in the Kingdom; conduct domestic analysis to determine barriers and solutions for the improvement of logistics.

Improving Productivity
Explore mechanisms to improve the output that production factors generate, including different incentive structures, trainings and other schemes; design productivity-increasing policies that could be applied across the Kingdom.

Price Transparency
Explore the ways in which increased price transparency, in both the public and private sectors, drives competition and promotes economic growth.

Small and medium-sized enterprises enhancement
Explore Small and medium-sized enterprises performance, identify their challenges, determine enhancement opportunities, assess small and medium-sized enterprises' role in job creation and develop strategies to promote Small and medium-sized enterprises.

Untapped Capacity Utilization
Optimize the use of public and private facilities to create revenue-generating opportunities.