This program investigates the field of natural resources, their use and implications for the environment.

This program includes – but is not limited to – the following research themes:

The Future of Water

Research trends in water supply and new water technologies to determine ways that Kingdom can best prepare for the future and ensure it continues to meet necessary requirements for this vital resource, including required changes in complementary domains such as regulation, use, etc.

Opportunities in Renewable Energy

Research emerging renewable energy technologies and determine potential scenarios in which these may be considered to optimize the energy mix for Kingdom.

Excessive Resource Utilization and Environmental Impact

Conduct analysis that accounts for the environmental impact of resources/assets usage and reflect them in a cost/base analysis model to valuate natural resources and assess economic contribution of their utilization as well as assess economic impact of environmental damage.

Energy Markets

Analyze relevant dynamics and trends identified in the energy markets, and find the policy implications for the Kingdom.

Pollution, Waste Management and Conservation of the Environment

Diagnose the air pollution, solid and liquid waste conditions in the Kingdom and identify technological and policy related solutions to be implemented across the Kingdom to improve the management or elimination of waste and other pollutants across the Kingdom.

Sustainable Natural Resources

Study technological, scientific, political and economic developments related to petroleum and other natural resources to identify ways for Saudi Arabia to use and develop its resources in a sustainable way, both economically and environmentally.

Building Smart and Sustainable Cities

Research and explore the development and running of smart and sustainable cities, including best practices and new enabling technologies.

Explore ways in which the Kingdom could select and apply such advancements to enable the establishment of new cities or the upgrading of existing ones with smart technologies.