Recognizing that knowledge management is a key enabler for sustainable development, the Center for Strategic Develop is creating a state-of-the-art knowledge sharing environment (National Knowledge) to be an online knowledge resource in fields of strategies and socio-economic development across the Kingdom.
To support objective, rigorous and detailed assessment of socioeconomic development across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Through an effective process and cutting-edge technology, The Center will enable collaboration and connect experts, researchers and leaders to share knowledge, through cutting-edge National Knowledge and effective processes.
The Knowledge Hub will enable users to learn from various experiences and discover new ways of policy-oriented socio-economic development.
The objective of National Knowledge is to establish a comprehensive, national-level knowledge repository that will collect and make available knowledge assets including studies, research, economic indicators, and pertinent data.
These knowledge assets will be collected from relevant government organizations, sourced from third parties, and some will be generated by the Center for Strategic Development’s Policy & Research, Advisory Office.
As well, this Hub will provide the required tools for knowledge sharing through experts’ networks and practice groups specialized in micro research themes.

The National Knowledge Hub will contribute to:

  1. Capture, save and reuse knowledge assets.
  2. Keep up to date with current thinking.
  3. Enhance skills and expertise.
  4. Save time and effort by networking, learning and collaborating with among researchers and experts.
  5. Develop deeper insights into specialist knowledge.
  6. Share what works with others.
  7. Accelerate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and knowledge-based innovation.
  8. Build solid relationships with researchers, experts and thought-leaders.
  9. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teams and business processes.