The privacy of Center for Strategic Development portal users is one of our top priorities. So, our portal administration exerts its extreme efforts to provide top-quality services to all end-users.

Please review our Privacy Policy regularly to be updated on any changes. Please note that the portal administration reserves the right not post or announce any changes to the portal Privacy Policy.  Your use of the Center for Strategic Development portal constitutes your agreement to such terms, conditions and futures changes thereof.

Security of Personal Information
The Center for Strategic Development has developed this Privacy Policy to assist users in understanding what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

Portal administration takes all the necessary measures to keep all collected information protected from unauthorized access, abuse, modification of disclosure, including:

  • Strict precautions to ensure information and IT security against fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Regular periodic updates on security measures and controls which meet - or rather excel - the standard benchmarks.
  • Our staff and highly qualified and trained to honor our portal users’ privacy.
  • Collection of Personal Information

Upon your visit to the Center for Strategic Development Portal, our server collects your IP, date, time and URL of referral.
Most online portal include cookies files stored on the visitor’s hard disk. These cookies are text files, lodged by some visited portals on the user’s hard disk. They store such information as allow the visited portal to retrieve them whenever needed during your next visit, including: 

  • Username and password.,
  • Webpage settings if enabled by the portal.
  • Look and feel set by the user.
  • Voting details, so that duplicate voting is disabled.

User may not be required to type his password each time he/she visits the portal, since the system discovers it through these cookies. They may also prevent the visitor from duplicate voting if he/she already submitted an earlier vote, etc. Accordingly, the Center for Strategic Development portal will use the information stored on such cookies for technical purposes when visited frequently. The portal may change the information stored in cookies or add new information each time you visit the Center for Strategic Development portal.

If you use a direct application or send us an email through the Center for Strategic Development portal providing us with personal information, we share this information with other departments or agencies. To help serve you more effectively. We will not share any personal information with any non-government agency, except those agencies authorized to perform certain government services. Providing your personal information through the Center for Strategic Development portal constitutes your full agreement to storing, processing and using this information by Saudi authorities. At all times, the Center for Strategic Development reserves the right to disclose any information to the competent authorities whenever necessary to comply with any government law, regulations or request.

You alone are responsible for the accuracy of the information you send through this portal.

Protection of Your Privacy
To help you protect your privacy and personal information, you are advised to:

  • Call us immediately if you think your password or any other confidential information is hacked.
  • Never share any confidential information via phone or internet unless you know the identity of the person or party receiving such information.
  • Use a safe browser when completing any transactions online, while closing all unused web application, and make sure that your antivirus is always updated.
  • In you have any inquiries or feedback on our privacy policy, please contact the portal administration on this email: 
  • To protect your personal data, all electronically sent information is stored safely using the state-of-the-art security technologies.

This portal may contain third-party links and URLs which may use their own privacy policies and information protection measures totally different from ours. Without any prejudice, the Center for Strategic Development is not responsible for such websites’ privacy policies and information security measures. So, you are kindly advised to review their respective policies.

Emailing the Center for Strategic Development
When you send an inquiry, request information on a certain service or provide additional information using any contact details of the Center for Strategic Development, whether online or not, including online inquiries through our portal, we will use your email to respond to your inquiries. We may also store your email and our response for quality control purposes, in addition to legal and regulatory purposes.